I do illustration, character design and concept art. English/日本語 OK!


お問い合わせ先/Business Mail

Illustration Policy

Repost with credit/source/link = OK

Use as profile picture/icon = OK

Editing my art = NO

Removing watermark = NO

Selling my art in merchandise = NO*

*unless you purchased a license from me


アイコンとしてもイラストを使えます!必要ではありませんですけど、アイコンを使う時にプロフィル所に私のリンクを記載できれば嬉しいです! いつも私のイラストを応援してくれてありがとうございます

Vtuber Rosu

Fanart & 二次創作 = OK

Memes & reaction images = OK

Clips, compilations & stream reuploads with source/credit = OK

Clips and videos claiming it's your own or using it for your own profit = NO

Videos and images used as marketing for your own services/product = NO