Vtuber Avatar Commission

SLOTS TAKEN! This is not first come first serve. I will choose based on the theme or character description. I will review the email and choose the request that I think suits my style the most. 

What I'm looking for:

  •  Female vtuber character only

  •  I am the only avatar illustrator  (no second/alternate avatar)

  • Someone who actively posts the vtuber avatar on Twitter

  • Someone who will be an active streamer

  •  I have to design the character from scratch. You can have descriptions and image references but I will not redraw a character that another artist designed.

  • Wholesome/Safe For Work design only

  •  I will be credited in your Twitter bio (not a pinned tweet or shoutout tweet), streaming platform bio (twitch or youtube) as the illustrator of your vtuber avatar. Example: Vtuber Illust by @rosuuri

  • Someone who will use Vtube Studio because it has the best tracking and the smoothest movement. 

Submit the form to rosuuriart@gmail.com

Subject: Vtuber Request - (Your Name)

Character description/references: link to google docs or a folder

Rigger/Animator: (name & social media/website)

Are you going to use Vtube Studio? If not, what will you use for face tracking?

Terms of Services:

  • You agree to uphold the criteria listed above.

  • You will receive a PSD file that is cut and ready for rigging. It is best to contact a rigger at the same time so that I can coordinate with them. 

  • Illustration only; no rigging. I only have experience working with Iron Vortex who did the rigging and animation for my vtuber avatar. There will be a lot of back and forth with the rigger so it's best to find one early.

  • 50% downpayment is required to secure the slot. The remaining 50% will be paid before I start coloring the fully-cut avatar's PSD file.

  • You can refund 100% of your payment if I haven't started on the work. Other than that there will be no refunds.

  • Payment method will be Paypal, International Wire Transfer or Transferwise only

  • Slight revisions and clean-up during rigging will be free of charge. I will personally check the rigging to see if there are awkward parts that needs to be edited to make sure your avatar is at its best. Major adjustments will cost extra fees.

  • 3 sets of revisions during the entire illustration process only. 
    - 50% of the payment will be sent -
    1. Artist sends character design draft 1
    2. Client revises or approves
    3. Artist revises draft or proceeds to sketching
    4. Artist sends sketch to client
    5. Client revises or approves

    Example: (A) Client can ask the hairstyle to be changed but once the artist changed it they can't ask again unless they're willing to pay a revision fee. (B) Client asked to change the hairstyle and eye size. Artist changed it. They approve but now wants the outfit changed. Additional fee will be asked for the outfit change since it's not part of the set.
    6. Artist revises sketch or proceeds with coloring draft
    7. Client revises or approves

    Only the colors will be changed. No redrawing of any parts unless the client is willing to pay for a revision fee
    that's all

    - remaining 50% of the payment will be sent - 
    8. Artist revises or finishes the illustration
    9. Artist sends PSD file.


  • You will provide a brief and concise description of your character or ideal design. No backstories no pages of description. It's best to have a moodboard or provide existing characters that matches the personality and look of the character.

  • For future add-ons like new outfits and hairstyles. A notice should be sent 8 weeks before the deadline.

Vtuber Package & Rate: US$ ----


  • Full body avatar

  • Character design fee

  • Cutting ready for rigging

  • 3 expressions (fully cut with stickers)

  • Additional accessory/mascot/items like glasses, hats, stuffed toys, etc. (max of 3)

  • Price will not change even if the design is complex/cluttered

  • Occasional Twitter advertising Selfie-like tweets of your avatar will be occasionally retweet by @rosuuri for additional engagement.

Character sheet not included in the package but if you need one it will cost $---.

sample below:


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Characters & relevant concepts in fanwork pieces belong to their respective owners.

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