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Illustration/Character Design/Key Visual

I'm an illustrator who draws for game companies & publishing such as Kadokawa, Hololive, Nijisanji, Yostar Games, Mihoyo, Netease Games, Tencent, Pixiv and more.

I've worked on in-game character design and illustrations, promotional art, light novels, illustration books, official merch for games and vtubers, character design and illustration creation for vtubers.

To see my work experience please go HERE.

English/Japanese = OK!






Policy and FAQ


What programs and tools do you use to draw?

Software: Clip Studio Paint EX & PureRef Windows 10, Intel Core i7-8700 CPU Ram: 32 GB Tablet: Wacom Cintiq 24 Pro PC: custom built

When did you start drawing?

I started digital art around 2009

How long does it take you to finish one illustration

It depends on the complexity. It's usually 3 hours to days.

What brush do you use?

Clip Studio Paint: modified g-pen and custom brushes Clip Studio Pain lineart brush - "Rochu G-Pen" can be purchased here!
Procreate: 6B pencil

What canvas size do you use?

Chibis, headshots and halfbodies - A5 300 dpi Fullbodies and more complex work - A4 to A2 300 dpi
Manga pages - B5 350 dpi

Do you take requests?

No, I have no time to draw for myself more so for free. T - T I do twitter polls for fanart.

Do you take art trades?

No, unless we are close friends

Do you take commissions?

I accept commercial work for games, albums, books and videos. Please email me at with details about the project and your company. I don't accept personal commissions* at the moment. *personal commissions are commissions where I draw characters for personal-use. 個人コミッションは受け取っておりません

Can I use your art as icon or profile picture?

Yes. Credit in your bio is appreciated but not required.

Can I repost your art?

Yes, you can repost under the following conditions:

  1. My watermark is not covered or cropped off.
  2. A link to my sites & original artwork is easily found in the description.

Can I use your art in my Youtube video/thumbnail?

Yes, you can use it in your YouTube videos/channel as long as you provide a link to my Twitter/Pixiv/website in the video description.

Can I edit your art into a banner or profile picture and use it in my portfolio?

No. You can't edit my art (recoloring, adding graphics, cropping) and put it in your portfolio. Adding credit will not make it ok.

Vtuber Rosu

Fanart = OK

二次創作 = OK

Memes & reaction images = OK

ミーム・パロ&リアクション使用 = OK

Commissions where you are paid to draw vtuber Rosu = OK

vtuberロスがいるイラスト依頼の引き受け = OK

Clips, compilations & stream reuploads with source/credit = OK


Clips and videos claiming it's your own or using it for your own profit = NO

自作発言または、自分の利益のためvtuber rosu動画の使用 =NG

​Videos and images used as marketing for your own services/product = NO

自分の営業広告のため動画・画像の使用 =NG