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White Rabbit

A shy and easily startled girl who appears to be 20 years old, though it is well known that time flows differently in Wonderland. She enjoys wandering through the whimsical and magic forests of Wonderland, though she often gets lost.

White Rabbit spends most days comfortably at home in the grand company of her bread-bunny friends known as Rosubuns.


also known as

Illustrator "Rosuuri" started her vtuber activities in 2020. She decided to use her original character "White Rabbit" as her vtuber avatar. 

The lore:
Granny illustrator "Rosuuri" got reincarnated as White Rabbit in Wonderland. She spends her weekdays working and on weekends she spends time with her grandchildren, "Rosubuns," by streaming on Twitch.



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Rosubuns are bread bunnies.


Despite their limited mobility they are very active. Some are shy and would prefer to stay hidden in the basement while some are mischievous and cause chaos in the kitchen.

They have limited expressions and are usually poker faced.

They range from freshly baked to burnt buns, depending on how long they stayed in the oven

"Rosubuns" also represent Rosuuri's fans and stream chat.


"Cheshire Cat"

She recently adopted a stray Cheshire Cat, which has made her daily life more colorful in all the most fun and troublesome of ways. While White Rabbit has the ability to stop time, she often cannot react quickly enough to the surprising antics of Cheshire Cat and the Rosubuns.



Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you called "granny"?

Rosuuri noticed that any creator online that's over 25 years old is considered "old" hence why she calls herself "granny".

Based on her vtuber lore, she is a grandma illustrator who got reincarnated in a younger body.

What is the difference between "White Rabbit" and "Rosu"?

There is no difference and you can address the character as "White Rabbit" or "Rosu.

Does "White Rabbit" have an real name?

She's officially "White Rabbit Rosu" so you can call her "Rosu" or "White Rabbit.

In 2011, she was given a temporary name "Pinku" that's why you'll see some people call her "Pinku" in the past.

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