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Rosuuri's Illustration Policy

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Repost with credit/source/link = OK

Use as profile picture/icon = OK

Use in Youtube video/thumbnail with artist credit and link in the description = OK

Use Rosuuri's illustrations for cars/itasha = OK 

Editing Rosuuri's art = NO

Removing Rosuuri's watermark = NO

Selling Rosuuri's art in merchandise = NO*

※You can sell/use it if you purchased a license from me

List of partner sellers who purchased a license.

Use Rosuuri's art to train/generate AI art = NO

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Vtuber Rosu

Original Character


✦ Draw Rosuuri's original characters = OK

✦ Turn Rosuuri's stream content into memes & reaction images = OK

✦ Commissions where you are paid to draw Rosuuri's original characters = OK

✦ You drew fanart of Rosuuri's original character and you want to sell the fanart you drew = OK*

If it's included in an art book please include the line "Character © Rosuuri" on the page the character appears

✦ You drew fanart of Rosuuri's original characters and you want to use it for promotional materials like commission services = OK*

※ If the service you are promoting is "character design" you can't include Rosuuri's character

✦ Draw/feature Rosuuri's characters in R18 content for personal use = OK*

※ Don't post with the official hashtags. 

✦ Clips, compilations & stream reuploads of Rosuuri's streams with source/credit = OK

​✦ Videos and images from Rosuuri's channel used as marketing for your own services/product = NO

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