FREE SHIPPING for orders $99 and over (body pillows not included)


It takes 2 to 5 business days to process your order!

  • Orders with Preorder items will follow the preorder item's shipping date found in the product's description.

  • Some US orders might ship from China if the US warehouse run out of stock. It will take an extra week for it to arrive.

  • There will be shipping delays for international orders (orders outside of the USA) because of the COVID-19. Thank you for your patience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this shop based?

It will ship from two locations: USA and China.
For US orders it will be shipped from the US to keep the shipping fee lower and faster.
For international orders, it will be shipped from China with a much lower rate than before

How are orders packed?

Books - custom box Keychain - buuble mailer Posters - Tube

What is this store's return/exchange policy?

Please contact us via email ( or discord (@superu #7908) If your shipped goods contain incorrect goods we will do our best to offer a replacement.
If you received an incomplete/missing item we will send it right away.

If the shipped items are damaged please contact us via email or discord.

If the order is lost (given you provided the correct address and name), we will send the item again.
For US orders, an order is considered lost if it did not arrive after 1 month since marked as shipped. For International orders, an order is considered lost if it did not arrive after 4 months since marked as shipped.

Aside from those there are no returns/exchanges.

Will you restock the Out-of-Stock items in your store?

Some recent items might be restocked. I'll post updates and polls on Twitter. Hourglass Fanbook, Luminosity Art book and older books:
Sorry, they will not be reprinted anymore. I'll be focusing on creating new books instead.

Old charms/keychains:
Sorry, the really old charms will no be restocked > <

Can you sign my book/prints?

Sorry, I can't sign them anymore because my store will be handled by an agent starting from now on. The items will not go through me for signing. If you see me in a con I'd be glad to sign anything!

Why did you change stores?

There are 2 reasons

  1. Tictail is closing
  2. Shipping prices from the country where I live is extremely high and i'd like to lower shipping fees this time.




First Class (US) - 5-7days

Priority Mail (US) - 2-3 days

Standard (Worldwide)- 15-60 days
Express (Worldwide)- 7-15 days


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