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Rosuuri Artshop is a small business managed by 3 people based in the US. Please be patient with us as we do all the store management, customer support, packing and shipment. Thank you so much for your support!



Product Manager

Web Developer


Shipping and Logistics Coordinator


Customer Support

Finance Manager

We do not collect any VAT and customs fees. The customer is responsible for the VAT & customs charges in their respective country as there is no way for us to calculate it. All incoming packages to the EU/UK are subject to VAT and customs fees.

Refusal to pay for customs fees will result to your package being returned or thrown away depending on your country's regulation. If that happens you will not get a refund.




If your order contains a preorder item, your entire order will start shipping on the preorder item's latest shipping date found on the product name.

Ex. Book + Plushie (ships Sept) + Deskmat (ships July) = shipping date for all items is Sept

If you don't want to wait until then, please order the preorder item separately.



Estimate date your order arrives = 5-7 days + Delivery Time


✦ Where is the shop based?


✦ Can Rosuuri sign the prints or book?

Unfortunately, no because Rosuuri isn't handling the packing and shipping of the merch.

Rosuuri can sign the merch for free in conventions!

✦ Is there a tracking number?

All orders will come with a tracking number.

You will receive an email with tracking information once your order is shipped.

For US orders you can track them on: USPS or UPS

For international orders you can track them on: 17track, FEDEX or UPS

✦ Why is the international shipping expensive?

We don't have any control over the international shipping rates. Both standard and express shipping options have increased since 2021.

We're always looking for new ways and options to reduce shipping cost.


​✦ How are the items packed?

Keychains and standees: kraft mailer

Books: box

Posters and wall scrolls: tube

Combination of above: large box to combine items with posters still in tubes

✦ What is the shop's returns and exchange policy?

If your order arrived incomplete or damaged then please contact customer support to receive replacements. Please include photos of the original packaging and items.

If your order is lost, granted you provided the correct address, we will investigate the delivery and GPS tracking information. We may reship your order or provide a refund at our discretion. Please contact customer support as soon as you suspect your package is lost.

If the order is lost because you did not provide correct address information then you will not receive a refund.

Other than that there are no returns or exchanges.

✦Is my order lost?

Tracking shows delivered, but it isn't here: 

Contact customer support as soon as possible if tracking shows an order was delivered by the carrier but your package cannot be found. We will launch an investigation with the carrier. Please check with coresidents and neighbors, and perform a thorough inspection of the delivery premises in case the delivery person hid the package to protect it. Depending on our findings we may refund or replace your order at our discretion.

Tracking does not show delivered and has not been updated recently: 

An item is considered lost if the tracking status does not report as delivered and remains unchanged for 1 month. If you think your order is lost please contact customer support.

✦ My order status is returned to sender?

If your package is being returned to the sender, we will ship it again once we receive it and ensure that shipping information is correct. The customer must cover the additional shipping and processing fee.

If you order is being returned to the sender because you didn't fulfill your responsibility of paying for customs fees or picking the order from your post office, we will wait if your country's post office will return the package. Sometimes they will just throw it away. If that's the case we can't provide a refund.

✦ I submitted the wrong/incomplete address?

If there are changes in your address please contact customer support right away. Once your order is shipped, we can't update the shipping address and we can't refund the shipping fee.

✦ Why is my order not shipped yet?

Please allow 5-7 days to process your order once items begin shipping per the "Shipping Schedule" above. If it's not shipped after 7 days please contact customer supportWe will respond within 3 business days.


✦ Can you refund my order and give the money to a different payment account?

We will only refund to the card or account you used to pay for the order. No exceptions.

We will not engage in possible fraudulent activities. If you are encountering problems with your paypal or bank please coordinate with your bank as this is outside our responsibility. 

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